Today the World Met Mia

Today the World Met Mia

Mia Grace has Gone Viral.

Today the world learned what I’ve always known… she is utterly amazing.  I have lived under the false assumption that the fact that she was my daughter, and that I was preternaturally biased, was the reason that I admire so deeply.  But the truth of the matter is that; the world seems to agree.

If there is anyone in the world who should not be surprised by this, it should be me.  But still I sit here, surprised and unsure why.  From the time that she was 5 months until just after a year, I spent all day every day with her.  I watched this remarkable little baby watch with world with open eyes.  Even then, as an infant, you could see that she was taking everything in.  Absorbing.  And then for a few years she went to daycare.  Most days we would be regaled with her teachers telling us how awesome she was and how sweet she is.  But as a parent you temper those feelings with thoughts like “Sure, I’ll bet you tell all the parents that.”  But as I watched her grow I began to see just how truly remarkable she is.  Every day she is filled with wonder and a lust for knowledge.  Whether it be correcting me on the type of butterfly we’re seeing or reminding me of a joke that I told her once a year ago… she constantly surprises me.  And then came Jack.  And with Jack came the decision to have one parent stay at home.  Based on how revered, esteemed and basically tenured my wife was, it was a relatively simple choice.

And each and every day for the past six months I’ve watched her 10 hours a day, 5 days a week.  No off days as a stay-at-home-dad.  (Not counting a Noro-Virus outbreak of course)  I see how dynamic she is.  Refusing to be pigeonholed into a singular definition.  She can go from one moment a princess into the next a celestial super hero.  She can warm you with the kindest earnest word or take you down with a deadly stare.  She can be a soft and gentle little girl or tackle you with a warriors vault.  She is, quite simply, the most amazing person I’ve ever met.

But I am her Dad.  So I’m supposed to feel that way. And yet, today, she was introduced to the world.  To see people who I have never nor will never meet hold her with such esteem is enough to warm the heart of this caring dad.  I can hear the reflection of soft and glowing admiration in many of the comments posted throughout the myriad of places she now appears.  It reminds me of how I must appear when I look at her; like a man who’s heart belongs to this remarkable little human being and whose admiration grows exponentially with any one of the countless ways that she can stop you in your tracks with a simple feat.  She is an impressive little girl.  I have known this from the moment she came into this world.  But still I sit here, beaming with pride that the world gets to see it too.

I can imagine no possible scenario in which a father could be any more proud of a daughter than I am this day of mine.

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Skip Montross is a former Director of Marketing. He has been with his wife for 11 years and married for the past 6. He spends his days at home being dad to "Kiddo"(Mia) and "Buddy" (Jack.) We like to learn and we love to laugh.

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  1. Heather

    And also today, the world was introduced to you – one of the best, most genuine, and truly involved fathers I have known. You are one of the best, and have given, and will give your children the best shot at life, because they have you, their best friend, Dad. Love you, H

  2. Alan

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: the girl is just wise. (And a pretty amazing testament to her parents.)

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