Joovy Spoon Walker Review

Joovy Spoon Walker Review

This product is the combination of spoon baby walker with a highchair. With its’ unique combination, it provides a baby with a perfect balance between eating, playing and learning how to walk! The spoon walker is a practical, good looking product, and can blends very perfectly.

Super-Sized Tray

This super-sized tray is duo purpose and comes with a removable insert for easy washing. It can be easily washed using a dish washer or even wiped clean. Apart from being used to feed your baby, the tray can be used to hold your babies favorite toys.

Wide Base

Apart from giving the spoon walker additional stability, its wide base serves to ensures that your baby’s fingers will not get hurt in case your baby walks into a wall when he is learning how to walk.

It doubles up as an additional strengthening and safety option.

Supportive Seat Pad

The sit pad is very supportive and comfortable. It is easy to wash since it is machine washable. This makes it to maintain the hygiene of your spoon walker.

600D Material

This spoon walker is made up of a 600D material which combines toughness with softness to give your baby comfortable play zone. You also do not have to worry about the storage of this spoon walker.

It features a fold flat which allows you to easily fold the machine and store it easily.It features a fold flat which allows you to easily fold the machine and store it easily.

Adjustable Height Positions

The Spoon walker boasts of having three height positions. This is a very important feature since it can be used to take care of your baby during various stages of growth.

It also features some oversized wheels for additional strength, support and a non-slip stair pads for easy maneuverability. No matter how fast your baby grows, the spoon walker will grow with her all the way.

High Gloss Finish

The high gloss finish makes the spoon walker easy to maintain and clean. You do not have to spend hour scrubbing it so that it can shine.


  • Easy to install design. You just need to take it out of its box, attach the seat to the base, and your spoon walker is ready to use.
  • This is no ordinary walker, it boasts clean lines and a simple design. It is also height adjustable, making it a constant companion of your toddler as she grows up.
  • The oversized wheel and non-slip stair pads make it easy to maneuver.
  • The Extra wide base give it additional stability and also protects your baby from injuring its fingers in case it runs into a wall.


  • Not for tall babies

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the spoon walkers safe?

Ans: Yes, this walker is perfectly safe for your infant. It has an extra wide base for additional support and also to prevent your baby from injuring her fingers in case she bumps into a wall.

Can the spoon walker be used for tall babies?

Ans: This depends on the height of your baby. Though the spoon walker is height adjustable, it has its heights limits.

Final verdict

The spoon walker is a beneficial product for mums who want to help their babes learn how to walk and have some free time for their own. One feature that makes it such a use full baby rearing machine is its ability to multitask.

Your baby can use it as a play area, a feedingYour baby can use it as a play area, a feeding area and a trotting device. It is also portable and easy to store due to its fold flat feature.

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